Jan 22, 2012
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Overcoming Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Online Paywall

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel now limits access to online articles to 20 stories a month for non-subscribers. Exceed this limit, and you’re presented with this paywall.

But, it’s not too hard to get around it. When presented with this overlay, simply save the page as HTML to your desktop (the actual article gets saved, not that paywall warning), and then open that file in your browser. VoilĂ .

Now you’ll never miss another Packer story.

  1. apoplecticskeptic said: I’ve also taken to deleting the browser cookie that jsonline deposits in your computer’s cache. Works like a charm.
  2. fangirlmlis said: But what about the comments threads? Will I still be able to see the comments threads?
  3. michaelzimmer posted this
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