Nov 30, 2012
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Lego Stockholm Public Library / Lego de la Biblioteca Pública de Estocolmo (montaje de Linus Minkowsky)

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Jul 30, 2012
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Do it every day.


Do it every day.

Jul 20, 2012
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Library groups see double standard in Authors Guild's stand against HathiTrust


In 2009, when the Authors Guild tried to settle its epic legal battle with Google over the company’s massive Google Book Search project, the Association of Research Libraries and the Association of College and Research Libraries both fought the settlement. By forgiving Google for unlawfully scanning millions of copyrighted works, the associations argued, the settlement would give the company an unchallengeable monopoly on digitized books. The judge in the case agreed, and the settlement failed.

Now the library associations are fighting the Authors Guild again. Only this time the library advocates have appropriated the arguments the guild used in favor of the Google settlement and are trying to turn those arguments against the guild’s attempts to stifle the HathiTrust, a nonprofit digital repository that wants to serve a similar function as Google Book Search (also known as Google Books or GBS).

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Jul 2, 2012
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NYPL Thanks City for Restoring Majority of Funding Cut


The New York City budget for Fiscal Year 2013 was approved on Thursday, June 28. The City’s three library systems will receive an $89.5 million restoration to the $96 million cut proposed to libraries. The adopted city budget restores $39.6 million of the $42.6 million proposed cut to The New York Public Library. Below is a statement from The New York Public Library about this restoration:

“Over the past five years, libraries have faced significant economic constraints, which have strained the resources we are able to offer our patrons. With this year’s budget, we expect that all of our libraries will provide a minimum of five-day service and The New York Public Library will continue providing our communities with free essential services such as books, access to computers and the Internet, workshops and programs, job search resources and more. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our patrons for sharing the love they have for their libraries and making their voices heard. We also thank Mayor Bloomberg, Speaker Quinn, and the City Council for their support of New York City’s libraries and our services, which offer education and inspiration for all New Yorkers.”

And we’d like to thank YOU for your letters, your donations, and your support! Thanks for loving the library!

Good news.

Jun 18, 2012
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Save the Troy Library “Adventures In Reverse Psychology” (by LeoBurnettWorldwide)

The city of Troy, Michigan was facing a budget shortfall, and was considering closing the Troy Public Library for lack of funds. Even though the necessary revenues could be raised through a miniscule tax increase, powerful anti-tax groups in the area were organized against it. A vote was scheduled amongst the city’s residents, to shut the library or accept the tax increase, and Leo Burnett Detroit decided to support the library by creating a reverse psychology campaign. Yard signs began appearing that read: “Vote to Close Troy Library on August 2nd - Book Burning Party on August 5th.” No one wants to be a part of a town that burns books, and the outraged citizens of Troy pushed back against the “idiotic book burners” and ultimately supported the tax increase, thus ensuring the library’s survival.

Jun 13, 2012
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Proposed ‘Digital Literacy Corps’ will not Usurp School Librarians’ Role, Explains FCC



The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a message for school librarians angered over a recent New York Times story that mentions the creation of a “digital literacy corps”: no one is trying to usurp their jobs.

“It’s not targeted at teaching kids in schools,” says Josh Gottheimer, FCC’s senior counselor to the chairman, about the proposed $200 million federal plan for the creation of a digital literacy program. “It’s really about families and others in the community. We’re not trying to duplicate but to close the gap for others.”

» via The Digital Shift

And the nominees for the Golden Facepalm in the category “Best Misunderstanding of Why Libraries Exist” are -

The FCC, for proposing a redundant program rather than giving the money to libraries.

Public librarians, for apparently failing to notice that the FCC is on their turf.

The ALA, for their muddled defense of the FCC because they’re excited to be at the cool table.

The AASL, for pretending like librarians don’t advocate for their role as educators in a culture that turns a deaf ear as it increasingly commodifies information while it works to dismantle our public spaces.

And the winner is…

+1.  Someone should write a dissertation on this.

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My librarian life goal is to become Mrs. Phelps.

I will always rebolog Matilda

For Raina & Dave.

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Jun 8, 2012
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Tumblrs for Library Lovers



Ok, folks. Below is the START of a list of library/librarian-ish tumblrs. Please, if I’ve missed you or your tumblr bff, just drop a note in my ask or email. I’ll throw this in a link on my homepage and I’ll eventually sort by alpha, maybe even by type.

Celebrarians. Word.

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Thanks for including our Tumblr!

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Queens Public Library teen center

Queens Public Library teen center

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